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We are an award-winning brand strategy, design, and experience agency. We design, launch, and manage brands as well as provide assistance to our clients as they realize their maximum potential.


GORGEOUS is an award-winning brand strategy, design, and experience agency based in Panama City, FL. We have been helping brands such as Major League Baseball and Wyndham tell their stories and connect with their clients for over 13 years. We believe wholly that branding is more than just a logo and a catchy tune. There is way more to it. Other agencies say they can assist you in building your brand but they will only design you a logo, stationary, or a website and send you packing after receiving the check. With GORGEOUS, you won’t just get an agency that can provide all of the necessary brand-building tools and solutions. You’ll get a partner. Because building a brand takes time and requires a partnership. Allow us to empower your business and propagate your unique identity to your clients.

You have made a dream tangible. Allow us to make it accessible.

Your audience is waiting…

Consistency is the Best Policy.

GORGEOUS recognizes that brands have a reputation to uphold and must be consistent in order to be effective and grow. In order to achieve this goal, we use several types of branding techniques to create premium services and distinct products. We also provide support and continuously research methods that will solve current branding problems. We believe this consistency guarantees that a brand stays within high standards and can continue to be a brand of which the world cannot get enough.

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