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American Airlines unveils first new look since 1968

American Airlines unveils first new look since 1968
January 17, 2013 GORGEOUS Brands
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After more than 40 years, American Airlines is rolling out a new look.

The changes include a new visual identity design (new logo, livery design and colors) and bring a dramatically new look for American’s planes, which for decades have been known for their simple, classic logos and polished metal exteriors.

American says it had to change direction in the design of the “livery” for its plane exteriors as delivery of its newer jets arrive. The newer jets include composite materials — materials that cannot be polished or have the iconic metallic look (like their current jets).

“Since the polished metal look was no longer an option, the importance of the paint selection became critical to honoring American’s silver bird legacy,” American says in a release highlighting its new look. “Silver mica paint was chosen as a way to maintain the silver heritage which American’s people and customers are passionate about, yet progress ahead with a clean new look.”

American parent, AMR, is currently restructuring under Chapter 11 bankruptcy while in talks to merge with US Airways.