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Coke goes white for polar bears

Coke goes white for polar bears
October 28, 2011 GORGEOUS Brands
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Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands on the planet: a red can with the white letters. World Wildlife Fund is no different: a black-and-white panda. This week, the two joined forces to change the Coke can’s look from red to white. It’s meant to raise awareness and money for polar bears, a threatened species because their icy Arctic habitat is melting rapidly due to climate change.

The new look is part of a project called Arctic Home, where Coke plans to turn 1.4 billion of its soft-drink cans white for the first time in its history, replacing the familiar red with an image of a mother polar bear and two cubs making their way across the Arctic. There will also be white bottle caps on other drinks the company sells. The new look will be on store shelves from November 1 through February 2012.

The Arctic Home plan is to work with local residents to manage around half a million square miles of territory to provide a better home for polar bears.

It’s definitely not the first time Coke has done something related to polar bears. The company has had the connection since 1922 when they were introduced in their advertising. Coca-Cola will also donate $2 million to World Wildlife Fund to support polar bear conservation work. Those who buy the white cans can text the package code to 357357 to make individual donations of $1, or donate online at ArcticHome.com. The company plans to match all donations made with a package code by March 15 up to $1 million.

Image credit: New Coke cans (World Wildlife Fund/Coca-Cola)